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Nothing is less accessory then an accessory

As often happens, within the paradox lies the truth and wearing a dress is certainly not enough to feel “dressed”. First women and then designers, first curious and then creative: the story of the Cecere sisters and their passion for the accessories starts within the family culture of style and of the handmade, from living the pleasure of “doing” and then sharing it with others,

travelling along the lengthy path from apprentice to master artisan learning the intricate craftmanship that is such an indispensable ingredient of the “made in Italy” allure made first with the needle and thread, and only later with pencils and models.

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Anna's Clutches

The clutch is a precious coffer, a repository of dream and desires, passion and emotions.
Italian tradition merges with Cecere family’s great experience in the world of evening and luxury, bringing to life collections in which dream and reality take place.

The secret of Anna Cecere’s clutches find itself in their eternal beauty: accessories designed to be absolute stars of fashion, destined to leave their mark. Elegance and style as a choice of character, beyond temporary styles and fashion trends.
Not simply clutches, but jewels, pieces of collection for outstanding women.

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